How to Get Rid of Ringworm – Complete Overview of Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection that is medically known as tinea corporis that develops on the skin surface. Even though it is called ringworm, this fungal infection isn’t caused by worms.The name of this infection comes from the ring like pattern that normally shows up on the affected person’s skin.

Who Catches Ringworm & How Do You Catch It?

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Men tend to catch this skin infection much more than women, while children are more commonly affected than adults. Ringworm can affect anybody at any age and is highly contagious as it can be transferred from one person to the next by sharing personal items like brushes, combs, or clothes.

This fungal skin infection can also be passed from one person to the next when a person gets in contact with the infected skin areas. You can easily develop ringworm if you come in contact with an infected locker room or pool surface. You can even develop this infection if you have an infected pet like a cat or dog that passes it on to you.

Some people will notice numerous areas on their body where the ringworm has developed. Ringworm is classified by the area on the body that is affected by the fungus. If you develop scalp ringworm it is known as tinea captis, groin ringworm also known as jock itch is tinea cruris, nail ringworm is onychomycosis, athlete foot is a form of ringworm and it is known as tinea pedis, ringworm on your body or skin is referred to as tinea corporis.

How to Tell if You Have Ringworm

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You probably have ringworm if you notice a ring shaped rash anywhere on your body. Doctors diagnose ringworm by looking under a microscope and checking for the fungus that produces ringworm after scraping the rash on your skin. Symptoms of this fungal infection to look out for include:

  • An itchy or red rash on your skin
  • A ring shaped pattern on your skin, normally redder around the outside with normal skin complexion on the inside
  • A thick, dry, and scaly appearance on your skin
  • The ring on your skin slowly becomes bigger
  • You notice several patches over your body
  • The rash is very irritating, itchy, inflamed, and burns
  • The skin rash looks similar to other skin problems like psoriasis
  • Bald patches on the scalp of your head
  • Discolored or crumbled finger or toenails

What Causes Ringworm?

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The fungus that causes ringworm is a fungus known as dermatophytes. The thing that makes dermatophytes attack the human body is a protein that can be found in our nails, hair, and skin surfaces known as keratin. This is why dermatophytes only attacks our skin, hair, scalp, and nails. These are the areas of the body that has the most keratin to attract the fungus.

Dermatophytes can easily survive in items such as brushes, towels, and other objects which is why ringworm can easily spreads from one item to a person. The dermatophytes are microscopic spores that will live on the skin surface for months and can easily spread from animal to human, human to human, surface to human and object to human.

Some adults have a strong enough immune system that will prevent the dermatophytes fungus from showing up or any symptoms but they can still pass on the spores to other people like kids who are much more likely to display symptoms once affected since their immune system isn’t very strong yet. You will be more at risk of developing the ringworm causing fungus due to one or more of the following:

  • You are very old
  • You are very young
  • You have a medical condition that makes you more vulnerable such as diabetes or hyperhidrosis
  • You are obese
  • You have a weak immune system
  • You are taking certain medications that lower your immune system
  • You play certain contact sports like wrestling, karate, or football
  • You like to wear tight clothing
  • You live in areas that are damp, humid, or overcrowded

How to Prevent Ringworm

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Prevention is your first line of defense against ringworm. Take a look below at some of the best things you can start doing to prevent ringworm from developing.

  • Wash your hands properly and regularly
  • Don’t share personal items like clothes, sports equipment, hats, towels, socks, shoes, sheets, brushes, combs and etc
  • Wear clothes that don’t fit you too tightly
  • Change your underwear and socks regularly
  • Wear slippers or some type of footwear when walking through a locker room, public restrooms, public showers, or around the pool area
  • If you notice patches of missing hair from your pet or any other sign of a fungal infection take him or her to the vet as soon as possible and try to avoid contact
  • Always try to keep your skin clean by showering regularly and dry yourself off completely once you get done taking showers or baths.
  • Make sure your barber or hair stylist is using sterilized equipment before using them on you
  • Kill any of the dermatophytes pores that may left behind on surfaces by washing it off with some bleach and warm water, which will safely disenfect the surface

How To Get Rid of Ringworm

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When it comes to treatment there are many antifungal creams out there you can find at your local pharmacy. However, using cream as a ringworm treatment isn’t always good for certain people, especially young children and pregnant women. Moreover, some people have a hard time fully removing their ringworm using just antifungal creams. Other than antifungal creams you can use home remedies that have shown great results.

What Is The Best Natural Ringworm Treatment?

By far the most common question we get on our website is how to naturally get rid of ringworm for good instead of using useless and expensive creams prescribed by doctors and over the counter products that just don’t work.

When people ask us what is the best natural ringworm treatment to fully get rid of ringworm and keep the fungus from ever returning we almost always recommend:

Fast Ringworm Cure

I used to have ringworm for about 5 months. I got it from my cat. It started out as a rash on my inner thigh and remained that way for about a month. I didn’t even know it was a ringworm so I didn’t mess with it too much. After a month or two from when I first discovered the rash I decided to go to the doctor, who informed me that it was a ringworm.

I babysit for a living so I was scared of it spreading to the children. I tried putting band aids over it but that only made the problem worse. It started to spread to my other thigh, bikini line, and my butt.

My doctor prescribed me some pills to take each day which didn’t help at all. So I went back in and got an ointment and that didn’t help either. I tried lotrimin, clotrimazole cream, lamisil, and even washing with sulfur soap and nothing seemed to work.

I started spraying on rubbing alcohol a few times each day by the 4th month and I saw a little improvement. Unfortunately, it returned and I went right back to using the left over ointment that was prescribed to me. I wanted it go away so bad, but I was so frustrated I just wanted to give up completely.

I was so desperate by the 5th month I would have tried anything. So when I first found William Oliver’s all natural ringworm treatment program I didn’t even hesitate. I knew I was onto something when it started drying out and I couldn’t really see it any longer. I couldn’t even believe it. It Worked! Thank God! I’ve been ringworm free ever since.

I was so happy with my results I reached out to William and had the pleasure of working with him for a short while. William always keeps his word and delivers real results with his product.

There is so much misleading information out there when it comes to naturally getting rid of ringworm it is easy to get overwhelmed.

So after continually being asked by some of our regular subscribers we decided to strip down 7 of the most popular natural ringworm treatment products to see which ones actually worked. It wasn’t a surprise that most of them were complete Garbage.

In the end, only 2 made the cut. These 2 all natural programs provide all the information and resources needed to permanently remove ringworm quickly, safely, and in a cheap way.

Fast Ringworm Cure
Natural Home Remedies For Ringworm

Most of our subscribers went with our number 1 recommendation and tried the Fast Ringworm Cure and had great success with it.

The natural remedy provided by this program helped most of our subscribers permanently get rid of their ringworm within a short time period.

William Oliver, the creator of this remedy and also a Nutrition Specialist, Health Consultant, and Medical Researcher who spent over 5 years for researching and testing methods that treat for ringworm condition naturally and safely.

When I first saw the Natural Ringworm Home Remedies, I must confess I thought here we go...., yet another so-called Internet Guru promising unrealistic results... and usually I would've just stayed away from this typa' thing like the plague.

However, since the entire point of our research was to end all speculations and to find the best 'natural ringworm treatment' programs on the web, we just went ahead and downloaded it.

In fact, we were pleasantly surprised... The mantra of the website is "I am bringing you back knowledge of a natural ringworm treatment", and that's pretty much what it does. The techniques are valid and the ideas do work... and I only know this because we have been using the some of them for years.

What's Inside?

The program contains an eBook that gives detailed directions for seniors, pets, babies, teenagers, children, and adults to make sure that their condition gets treated exactly the way it should. You'll get a list of Ringworm symptoms to help you diagnose how bad your condition is.

Inside Fast Ringworm Cure you'll discover the 12 home remedies and 7 step formula which has helped me and many of our subscribers and their children and pets get rid of ringworm very quickly. You'll also learn about a common household item that most people fail to avoid which aggravates the ringworm and can prevent your body from healing fast.

Our users didn't have to wait long to see results as they began seeing the results within the first couple days of consistently applying the treatment. Most of our users managed to get rid of their ringworm within 3 days, while others achieved results within 5 days.

Even though some of our subscribers didn't achieve results as fast as what was claimed on the website, they still managed to cure their ringworm within weeks rather than months. Not bad, I'm sure you'll agree.

The part our subscribers liked the most was the fact that this all-natural product was 100% painless and can caused NO SIDE EFFECTS. It was like night and day compared to the creams and other treatments prescribed by doctors. All users who reported back to us stated their ringworm did not return once removed, which is the most important thing.

What's Inside?

Natural Ringworm Home Remedies is packed with detailed instructions and videos... and you're also given specific ingredients to create your own fail proof home remedy in your kitchen to help get rid of ringworm fast.

The subscribers who experienced good results with this natural treatment system liked the simple step by step procedures. Over a 3 day period their results were hardly bad.

However, their results didn't live up to what was stated on the website nor were they as effective and easy to implement as the techniques in the Fast Ringworm Cure.

Natural Ringworm Home Remedies does work but I'd advise you to read our conclusion before taking action.


  • Stops itching very quickly.

  • Cures both moderate and severe cases of ringworm.

  • 1 natural ingredient that contains over 100 elements your body needs to fight off the ringworm fungus.

  • The 10 Best Foods to Boost Your Immune System so you don't catch ringworm again.

  • Self treatment program you can use in your own home.

  • Stops the spread of ringworm to other areas like the face, hair, and groin.

  • 24/7 support via email.

  • Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • Natural ringworm treatment you can make at home.
  • Stop ringworm from returning after treatment.

  • Stop ringworm from spreading.

  • How to make your own natural, effective detergent and floor cleaner.
  • Remove ringworm permanently.

  • Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • Fast Action Guide bonus.

  • The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures book.

  • The Living A Healthy Lifestyle book
  • The Eating Healthy book.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This treatment system is backed by a full 60 days money back guaranteed. So if you don't get rid of your ringworm in 3 days and you're not satisfied with it you can return it for a full refund, No Questions Asked.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This treatment system is backed by a full 60 days money back guaranteed. So if you don't get rid of your ringworm within 2 months and you're not satisfied with it you can return it for a full refund, No Questions Asked.

The Conclusion…..

To Sum it All Up… there is a lot of reputable information in the  Natural Ringworm Home Remedies System. However, if you want a more complete treatment to remove ringworm in a natural and faster way than other medications so that you’ll be able to return to physical contact with your family, friends, kids, and pets you should definitely go with Fast Ringworm Cure system.

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Home Remedies for Ringworm


Garlic has great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are effective for treating ringworm naturally. The first thing you need to do is make some garlic juice by mixing some garlic powder with enough warm water. Cover the container you used to mix the garlic powder and water and tightly close for about 30 minutes.

The longer you let the garlic water sit in the container tightly covered the stronger it’ll be. Apply a generous amount of the garlic juice to the infected area and then apply some garlic paste. To make the garlic paste simply crush up some fresh garlic until it turns into a paste.

Once you apply the garlic paste to the ringworm let it sit on the skin for as long as it takes to dry up. The garlic will help remove the ringworm by drying out the skin and making it start to peel off. Alternatively, you can juice some raw garlic cloves with a juicer, apply it to the affected area, and then wrap it with saran wrap. Garlic is very potent so be careful while using it and expect it to burn a little when you apply it.



Papaya is a popular fruit that can be used to effectively get rid of ringworm. The reason papaya is effective is due to the good amount of vitamin A and papain it contains. Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant that will help kill off the ringworm causing fungus, while the papain will break down dead skin cells and improve the overall quality of your skin.

Simply slice up some papaya and apply the raw flesh directly to the affected areas of your skin. Take some plastic wrap or bandage and wrap the raw papaya slices on the affected area to keep it in place for a couple hours. You can also mash up the papaya and apply the paste directly to the affected areas and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off. Apply this treatment a few times each day for about 4 to 5 days each week until the your itchy, scaly, and inflamed skin heals.

Mustard Seeds


Mustard seeds contain great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help you fight off fungal infections like ringworm. Moreover, mustard seeds contain a good amount of an anti-inflammatory component known as selenium, which is great for reducing inflammation caused by ringworm.

To apply mustard seeds to the affected area you can grind some mustard seeds into a paste that you can apply directly to the affected area. Wash your skin with some anti-bacterial soap and warm water to open up your skin pores and then apply a generous amount of the mustard seeds paste. Allow the paste to dry up naturally and let it sit for a couple of hours before removing.

Apply this treatment at least 2 to 3 times daily for a couple weeks until your skin clears up. Alternatively you can make mustard oil and apply it directly to your skin as well. To make the mustard oil roast some mustard seeds in some coconut oil and then strain the mixture and let it cool down. Now apply the mustard oil directly to the ringworm and let it sit for about 30 minutes daily to help eliminate symptoms of ringworm.