5 Good Home Remedies for Ringworm

Ringworm is a very common fungal infection that affects various areas of the skin such as the scalp, arms, legs, back, toenails, and fingernails. This is a very highly contagious infection that easily spreads from one person to the next. You’ll know you are experiencing ringworm when you notice scaly, itchy, round red spots on your skin.

This red ringlike appearance is what gives this fungal infection its name. There are many treatment options available to treat this problem including anti-fungal creams prescribed by doctors that sometimes don’t work effectively. Thankfully, there are various home remedies out there that some people have found some great success with. Take a look below at some of the best home remedies for ringworm to take care of this fungal infection once and for all.

Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to ringworm home remedies tea tree oil is one of the best out there because it has powerful germicide, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. You should only use topically since tea tree oil can be toxic if you consume it.

Before you apply tea tree oil topically you have to clean the affected area. Now place a few drops of the tea tree oil directly on the ringworm and allow it to sit for as long as possible before rinsing off.

Apply the tea tree oil to the affected area about 2 to 3 times daily until you notice the infection clearing up. Depending on the size of the fungal infection you should see it clearing up after 2 weeks of consistently applying the oil.

You can find tea tree oil in any health food store. Just make sure when you buy it the label reads 100% pure. Some people have an allergic reaction to tea tree oil at full strength so before you apply it dilute it with a little warm water before applying it.

Nail Polish

This is one of the more uncommon home remedies for ringworm, but it WORKS! Nail polish gets rid of ringworm by suffocating the fungus responsible for the infection. After the nail polish suffocates the fungus your body will start to remove the ringworm until your skin is clear once again.

Make sure you use clear fingernail polish for this natural treatment. Take a Q-Tip and dip it into the nail polish and then apply it directly to the affected area. Make sure you cover the area completely with the clear nail polish, and don’t double dip or you’ll end up contaminating the nail polish.

Allow the polish to dry up over the affected area. After about eight hours wash off the nail polish and then after ten minutes has passed reapply more nail polish. Keep on doing this procedure for a couple of weeks until the ringworm has fully cleared up.


Honey can help prevent the growth of fungi, such as the one responsible for ringworm because it contains hydrogen peroxide and other anti-fungal properties. To apply honey to the affected area place a couple tablespoons of the honey onto a sterile pad and then apply the pad to the affected area making sure you cover all areas of the infected skin.

Alternatively, you can apply the honey to the ringworm and then place a sterile pad and bandage over it to keep it in place. Always use raw, organic honey and keep the pad over the application to give the honey a chance to get absorbed into the skin. Repeat this procedure each day until the ringworm is removed.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This vinegar is used a lot for treating different infections because of the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties it contains. Get some apple cider vinegar from your local grocery store and when you get home soak a cotton ball in it.

Apply the soaked cotton ball to the infected area on your skin and use a bandage to keep it in place for at least 30 minutes before removing. Repeat this procedure a couple of times daily until you notice the ringworm clearing up.

When you initially apply the apple cider vinegar you may notice a little stinging sensation, but this is normal. If you find the stinging too great simply add a little water to the vinegar to dilute it a little before applying.

Aloe Vera

There are a lot of people out there that use aloe vera for sunburns, but not many know how effective it can be for fungal infections like ringworm. This natural plant can help you stop irritation, itching, and inflammation caused by ringworm because of the resin it contains.

Resin will help soothe and calm down the itching, irritation, and other frustrating symptoms of this infection to deal with. You can find the aloe vera leaf at your local farmer’s market. Cut open the leaf, take out the gel, and then apply it directly to the affected area. Apply the gel from the aloe vera plant to the ringworm a couple times daily until the infection is gone.