Can Bleach Be Used as a Ringworm Cure?

Ringworm is a very common fungal infection that can develop on various areas on your body. The symptoms that come along with it such as excessive itching, burning, blisters that ooze puss, and unsightly red ring patches are more than enough reason for anybody to want to get rid of this infection as quickly as possible. When it comes to a ringworm cure some people swear that bleach can do the trick.

How Does Bleach Help Treat Ringworm?

Bleach has been known to kill just about anything. This is why people often keep a bottle of chlorine bleach in their household so they can kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses that may be laying around on their counter-tops or bathroom.

The chemical in bleach is extremely strong and has a distinctive odor. Bleach was never made to be used on your skin because it contains ingredients such as sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. You should try using a safer alternative to treat your ringworm like tea tree oil, but if you really want to try using bleach to get rid of your ringworm you need to be extra careful with the application.

How to Use Bleach as a Ringworm Cure

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If you really want to apply bleach to the ringworm on your skin you should test out a small area first before applying it to all the infected areas. When you are applying bleach to your skin you must dilute it with a little water first. Since bleach is such a toxic solution if you apply it directly to your skin it may cause you more harm than good.

The bleach can quickly eat away at your skin and the ringworm will be the least of your worries. Mix equal parts bleach and water such as 1 cup bleach and 1 cup water and then apply it directly to the affected areas. When you apply this diluted solution of the bleach you may feel it burning. This means that the bleach is killing off the ringworm, but if you leave it on for too long the bleach will begin eating away at your surface skin cells.

If you don’t feel any burning or pain then leave the solution on the skin for as long as you can before washing off (if you feel any burning or pain wash the bleach off after 5 minutes). Use a cotton ball to carefully apply the bleach mixture to the infection to kill most of the fungi spores that produce the ringworm. Since bleach is so powerful it will remove the ringworm within a few days if it is working.

Risks of Using Bleach

  • Bleach can stain or burn your skin if you use too much.
  • Bleach can cause lung damage if it is absorbed into your skin in large amounts
  • Bleach is a mild carcinogenic.
  • Always use bleach in small amounts and always dilute it with water or oil.
  • Bleach can cause issues such as vomiting, burns on the skin, headaches, and respiratory problems.

Bleach Bath

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If you have ringworm on a large part of your body and the test didn’t really burn your skin try a bleach bath. Add about 5 to 10 tablespoons of bleach to your warm bath water and soak in it for around 20 minutes and then wash off in the shower. The bleach will dry out the infected areas of your skin so apply some type of moisturizer to the affected area, preferably an anti-fungal cream.

Ringworm does work, but you have to be-careful when using it on your skin. Never over do it because it can lead to scarring and make your skin look bad. Thankfully you don’t have to use risky home remedies such as bleach to fight off ringworm. There are a lot of other natural and more safer treatments you can use as a ringworm cure to get the relief from this infection you’re looking for.

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